Dec 8, 2016

Your Eyes

Everytime I see your name
on my notepad,
everytime you walk across the
same tracks in my mind,
all emotions retreat.
Like a train with no brakes.
Mmm, more like a ocean wave with no bottom.

And even though there is one
less passenger on our train, I miss our times.
Sometimes your embrace.
Sometimes your cologne.
Sometimes your demeanor.

Sometimes we were two lost souls looking at each other's mirror.
One for reassurance. One to see life.
A mirror for two eyes sees the surface.
A mirror for three eyes sees what needs to be healed.

Dec 6, 2016

A letter

Even if I have to wait a million years to receive
one letter at a time of your name it would be so worth.
I would be so grateful.
I would feel I am the luckiest person in the world.
As I am one step closer in getting to know who you are.
One step closer in getting to know your essence.
One step closer in being within your love.
I am you. You are me.
One more morsel of you means eternity.
How magnificent is one particle that comes from you.
So sacred.  Invaluable ... to get one letter of your name. 

Nov 27, 2016

In our presence

We almost didn't know how to react when we got together
It's been so long
The sweet bliss of having all familiar members eyes peer over
the ivory plates, taking it all in.
We had no words for each other except for silence.
It was enough. If filled our spirit.
Love can be patient.

Oct 28, 2016

Trail of the feathers

As long as I could remember, you
sent me feathers along my path.
Flutters of whites, greys, blacks.  Tiny and gigantic.
Soft breaths of ethers beyond.
Always guiding me
Always reassuring.
I asked and you answered
I acknowledge
and I am eternally grateful.
If I wasn't open I would call me crazy.
But thank goodness the mediocre life is too
dull in this dimension to settle in.
Watch me follow this uneven path now, and
watch me turn a corner and there you - standing out among the dull concrete, broken glass and tired grass, I see a swaying, glowing gift from above.

How much longer?

How I missed you.
How much longer will I have to wait?
When will my ship come?
I feel done here..nothing more to do.
Every time I search for you in the sky..
how I yearn for you.
How much longer?
I see you and you call me each day
No other one but you
How much longer?