Aug 4, 2014

Extract from the 5th Hall

"..And as she blacked out, she felt her legs give underneath her. Her bones became unstable. All she heard in the background was faint drumming sounds."

Aug 1, 2014

I don't want to give you up and share you with the world.
I don't want to call your name lest somebody else
has the pleasure of uttering your syllables
I don't want to share you, because your vision is for my eyes to witness
I don't want to walk in front of you lest i lose sight of you
I don't want to share you to anyone anything.
You are my everything and more.

You're too good. Too wise. Too whole. Too normal to be defeated in this abnormal world.

I want you all to myself, like chocolate cookie jar to greedy kid.
I will hid you in my pocket, and quickly chump you in my mouth.
I will swallow you quick and look for some more of you.

Where are you?

Jul 30, 2014

The Queen Argo's Monthly Dilemma

"Richard, please take the scribe and deliver. For I may 
not see dawn break:

"Possessing my thoughts
a dilemma between my legs alerts my body
Aching to either receive or release
an avalanche of emotions.
Thoughts evoke more emotions which do nothing
to tame the lioness within.
Prancing back and forth.
Walking back and forth
roaring discreet incomprehensible sounds.

Every minute that passes makes me
despise your memory more
Unsatisfied at the slow progress of advancement
I call for you to enter and your hands to lay upon 
the open field fresh with new harvest.
Oh, but you refrain
Rather, you hesitate.

I don't want to eat you.
I don't want to hurt you
but consuming you seems the only way I can 
perhaps subdue this growing pain rippling from my chest 

May 21, 2013

The Unfortunate dips in vocal sounds

Really Is it that bad?
Is it that obvious?
Just because my words fade from strong to soft
doesn't mean I have nothing to say
Why are you smiling?
Are you making fun?
I'm still talking.
You can't hear?
Self conscious... words
come out slow. I notice the pause
between your eyes as I look
into yours..another pair of Peurivan eyes.

Apr 12, 2013

The encounter

Whom should I ask?
Whom should I say is responsible
for my wreckless behavior?

Your lips turned to a sweet smile
& I knew it would take a while to forget
Whom should I turn for relief?
All my days I haven't taken
so much time to weep