Nov 29, 2011

Bubble Bath

Man music put me in a mood. Thank God and bless all the soul-rich, tender, raw, ocean depth voices of the past musician of our times yesterday, today, and to come. Yep, soul to soul. Now time for a body soak.
Image Courtesy of Dating Divas

Nov 28, 2011

Love's always been around

Image Courtesy of Awesome Shares
Sometimes you have to let love happen. You cannot force it. It may surprise you. It's always been there, its just waiting for you to relax and let it flow come in.

Nov 24, 2011

Thanksgiving: The Morning & Night After

If there’s one thing- this is the only thing- I dislike about Thanksgiving Day feast is: the leftovers. So eeevil. Why? 1) You are bound to make multiple trips to the refridgerator more than usual. 2) You eat more than usual. 3) Your physical will seems to fail during this time, as your mental state gallops with joy with each spoon-filled rich goodness.

And you know who’s fault this is? You - I mean me, myself and I. And, what are you gonna do about? Nothing. Well......
at least what I can say I’ve attempted to do when it comes to food and has helped tremendously over time, is be present. I am not talking about giving yourself a gift –though that neck massage would be good now. I mean being alert, awake of what you’re doing. Being aware of the foods I eat as I eat it and enjoying it. For some reason, I tend to get fuller quicker, which means less food goes in. Not exactly cured but its gone a looong way. Opening other doors…but that's another conversation.

When I am munching and not present but notice the chatter and dialogue that occurs in the upper register called my head, its never about food and how I should be enjoy each bite consciously its about my life, some situation, a problem, a memory (sound familiar?) Man can I get lost. Next thing I know a tsunami hits so secretly I’m shocked at the mass wave that engulfed the food! “Roger, we have a problem, someone is infiltrating our food pantry!” Sounds like a state of emergency but that emergency started from within us. Inside the mind, in all its capacity and mental strain. But that's another conversation.

So for now, one simple task that you can try if you can read this, if you’re still awake, or if you haven’t fallen over is to be awake. Even the slightest awareness for a few seconds before submerging down to mindless state of eat- chew-lost-in-thoughts will open doors of awakening and being present and here for yourself and others. 
Enjoy! Have a festive, relaxed, gratitude-filled & delicious holiday. Misa will talk to you soon.