Aug 8, 2012

Dear Ayiti

Letter posted below here, for those of you who mentioned difficulty linking from the post.

Alo Ayiti,

Is it really you I’m talking to you? Long time cousin! Is it really you, the one I’ve been incessantly thinking about, now than ever before?! The one I’ve gotten frustrated over, worrying sick to my stomach about? The one that always makes my ears perk up the moment anyone utters a mention of you? Goodness, how long has it been?

I knooow, I didn’t call last week like I was supposed to. But what did you want me to do? Quit my job, tell my boss to stop his meeting because…. because my dear-loving-hardworking-pain-enduring-annoying-funny- brave-but-shy… stubborn-yet-gentle relative was desperately needing me now?

Whoosh! Only you can work me up like this. I’m crazy for my older cousin, crazy for this world, crazy for both of us surviving this never-ending, uncharted havoc storm of life.

Everything is upside, unfair, unjust, sharp, bitter, sweet, spicy, peppery, solid, quick, slow and it all makes me sick to my stomach! Sick of what you went through. And what I did to you… when we
weren’t friends, and what I didn’t do… when you needed a friend.

Ayiti, I’m just happy, just grateful that you’re here, okay? Good, God! I wanted to tell you this for a long time, but I didn’t really know how.

I always called you, with my $5 dollar calling cards speaking 20 minutes at a time to see how you were coping. And sending money faster than I could breathe when I could. But I never really got a chance to tell you something that’s been on my mind.

Look Ayiti, you’re strong I know. You’ve been through a lot, I know. Okay, maybe you know more than I
do. But you’ve taught me so much – I mean who else can go days without eating, being homeless, getting
bombarded by traumas so frequently, that every grain of sand could be the tears you’ve cried? Who else can
sing songs of heaven despite tears falling down? Who else can be prideful and sometimes sarcastic just to get
their point across?

But you’ve make me upset sometimes. I don’t understand why you played your games when I didn’t
want to play. And sometimes you’re soo stubborn when you’re set in your own ways.

So many times I’ve hope you’d be included in our circle of friends. That you would get to hang out with us, that you would get noticed. I always wanted you to get noticed, to belong – you know. Cause you’re family.

But for some reason, you seemed down on your luck, like you were cursed! You were always scraping your knee, falling down, or tripping. You bit your lip, eyes were blind, ears were deaf. But you still stood back up.

Even with all the blood stains on your shirt, you still showed up at the park waiting for your time to get in, to be included in this crazy game we played.

But lately, I wonder maybe you weren’t so down in your luck. Maybe I was too blind to see, too deaf to hear, and mute to respond to you trying to communicate with me. Maybe we didn’t get off on the right foot. I always talked too loudly, going off looking for the prize.

Maybe what I should’ve done was think of you first instead of last. Or listen to your thoughts instead of ignoring your cries. I don’t know. It’s been too long. I don’t even know where it began.

Listen, thank you for the cassava you sent the other day. And I hope you enjoyed the basmati rice I sent you. This story between the two of us is getting old, cuz and I don’t like where it’s headin’ cause it’s going in circles.

Look, the only thing I know, is that it’s about time you and I hung out and connected again. Maybe create a new story if you want. Cuz, I’m tired of people talking about you, like you’re not here.

Look, I hear there’s some cute guys that saved us some front row seats for their soccer final. They seemed to know you, cause they said make sure you sit on the seat labeled “Pearl of the Caribbean.” Cuz, you never told me you liked jewelry, I have a collection!

Well, talk you later

Your younger cousin, Misa.

(C) Rhumestone Publishing 2012

Jun 27, 2012

Time to Plant Your Walls

Time to plant your walls!

For those of you who always wanted to garden but have limited space due to your location or lack time to prep your yard for a potential lush harvest,  Wolly Pockets ® may be a potential choice that’s affordable, versatile and convenient.

What is a Wolly Pocket ®?
These durable modular gardening containers are favorites for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Instead or in addition to having clay pots, that require surface space, Wolly Pockets® can line your walls making room for you to plant anything from herbs, ferns to yummy veggies. Of course these “wallys” aren’t only for indoors they can easily be used outdoor s as well.
Wallys are made of 100% recyclable bottles and are lined with a military grade barrier to ensure your walls remain dry. Whether you decide having an herb garden for your kitchen, ferns in your living room, gold foliage adorning your business wall - the possibilities are endless.   
Why Use it?
Plants thrive in these containers which you can easily fasten and anchor to walls made of masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood, and metal.  Installation is as simple as: hanging the wallys, pre-selecting your plants, filling up the wally with quality soil, planting and watering your plants. The back panel or “tongue” of the pockets makes watering simple – just use a wine bottle or favorite long spout watering can to water the tongue portion of the wally. The tongue then wicks water down directly to the roots. For larger installations, automatic watering is achieved with optional drip irrigation. 

Two different wally versions allow for having a built-in reservoir that allow the tongue to continue to self-water the plants. Or if you opt without the reservoir, your plants receive maximum drainage. Lastly, your plants remain strong and healthy with the breathable felt that ensure moisture evaporates and plants to air prune.
Bring your walls to life!
Floor space will no longer be an issue when you can beautifully line your walls, rails or fences with lush botanical garden. It can be as small or large as you prefer with the added bonus of lighting up your rooms. Whether you love edibles, annuals or perennials the wallys can are convenient and functional way to spruce up your space. 

Jun 12, 2012

Open letter to Ayiti

Well last week I had a chance to see my letter to life a little bit. The increasingly popular and respected photographer and director, Francesca Andre selected my open letter as part of larger project that her network is creating. The scope of the project was to write a letter sharing your thoughts and feelings to Ayiti/Haiti. I knew I wanted to say many things, and though it wasn’t easy to address them all, it eventually flowed into the present metaphoric letter which I have posted below.

As soon as I get word of the completion of the portion` film shots that will be used in a documentary, you will be the first to know. It was fun being on set and getting a scope from a director’s point of view of what goes into filming. Much renewed respect to the directors cause it is not an easy task. There’s a few flicks on my facebook page. But it doesn’t give any justice of what really went all. When I see it hopefully, you guys will too. I’m nervous and excited, but it was an experience.

Peace & love

Click here to access the open letter "Alo Ayiti"

Jun 11, 2012

David Wolfe and Basketball

Superfoods and NBA championships. What?!

Hey guys, I had an neat time helping the owners of a Catch a Healthy Habit Café, host their David Wolfe sold out talk at the Fairfield Theater Company. I wanted to share a little bit of what went on, it was really good vibes, and overall a great event. David Wolfe is described as among the top quintessential authority for all things for natural health, herbalism, beauty nutrition, and organic superfoods. As a sought after nutritionist, Woody Harrelson, Angela Basset, Tony Robbins, John Assaraf, former Steve Jobs, Bryce Dallas Howard are just some a few of his celeb fan base.

If you have a tad bit of interest in what you eat, and making sure you can eat the best on any level – whether your athlete, you workout, want to switch your routine, or eating good for health sake he may be a good source for information for you've been looking in what you consume. 

At the event in Wolfe really personified a very laid back, down-to-earth kind of guy with a good sense of humor. And the thing is, he didn't shove information saying this is the “ only way”, it was more like “I researched and tried these these things, check these out for yourself, you might like what you see” kind of feel. And ever so generous he had the audience try some highly sought after cacao beans, and raw chocolate from one of many companies he co-founded -  Sacred Chocolate.

Topic-wise, goodness this dude touched many things, from super foods to herbs. You don’t hear your doctor telling you to take your dose of these everyday. But one thing that struck me was, his noted friendship with John Salley with a former basketball center-forward player of the Chicago Bulls. John is one  of two players in NBA history that won championships in three different teams.  Championships within one team is one thing, but pack your bags, leave for another team, another set of environment, another set of team style and win a team championship is another thing? Makes you wonder “Whatcha doing their my brother?” Can you imagine winning four championships while playing for Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers.  He must be doing something right.  I’m not trying to say anything but some factors in that level of success, that isn't average within a basketball career, has a little bit with the health. Don't you agree?

John Salley, on left, at recent event at Sinai Medical Genetics Institute  May 2012 (looks healthy to me)

So what exactly did David talk about…well a lot. Too much to indulge, but here's what I'm going to do, since I would want all my friends and family who aren't aware of this already, I’ll only list a few things here, and then its up to you and try it for yourself. If doesn’t agree with you (your body), then its not for you, move on to the next. Its good to have choices. For a pdf copy of some notes I gathered click here.

I would post pics from the David Wolfe event but my cell is currently MIA - sort of. More on that later... but David had a bit of drumming skills, last I heard...

Since I can't access my pics, here's a nice tv interview with John Salley taking about his health. Click here for video link.

peace & love

Would consuming super foods or herbs improve your life?

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Jun 4, 2012

The Power of Relaxation to help Dominate in Your Career & Life

Whether you're climbing the ranks, in between jobs, cooking for a crowd of ten, or breaking your swimming record the way you relax or get tuned to yourself effects your performance. It comes down to may factors in which we can't ignore preparation, skills, confidence, and experience. But one remarkable component is centered around how well you can relax. The better you relax the more likely you can get in that "zone", and able to focus on your goal or objective. Think about this way. If you are frantic about getting a job and submitting resume left and right to every conceivable job posting, I can almost assure you, your focus which is based on desperation and need to get what you want probably won't work out to so well. Relax, choose wisely and be confident with your efforts.

Relaxing yourself helps you to reenergize 
refocus, and overall rest.

And when I'm talking about relaxation, I'm not talking about the weekends or the few hours that you sleep. You already sleeping is too good to ignore and weekends come and go. What I want to propose is fitting in relaxation each day, through tiny movements, much like the minute hand on a clock- tiny movements.

Top Ways to incorporate - R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N to your everyday life.

1. Timer set - set your timer on your cell for 5 minutes as soon as you wake or during the day, so you can stop, pause and focus only on breathing. Maybe difficult for some, so try 1minute and build from their. Tiny steps rule!

2. Soak your point of contact to the earth. If you stand on your feet all day- soak those feet when you come home! If you knew how important your feet is, you would be kissing it each day. Or maybe massage it. Lol. You can write, read, check messages, take a nap, tell your kids stories while you let those babies soak.

3. Listen to soothing music as you do nothing or something that requires little effort. The power of music. Great for those commuters who drive or subway/train to work/school. Try Pandora which is free or make kick-ass soothing playlist of your own!

4. Child Pose. If  you can, stretching your body can prevent more pain, aches and soreness in the future. Picture below is an example of child pose below. There are hundred of different stretches. This particular pose is good way to release your lower back, rest your arms and for beginners.

5. Having Sex. Increasing the intimacy in your life can also benefit the hormones of your as well as your significant other. Number one benefit of this activity is its time proven ability to decrease stress.

6. Cuddling. Yes indeed, reduces stress &blood pressure, it feels good and may increase your communication with the person you're cuddling. How about that!

7. Same goes for Hugging. Never underestimate the power of sharing a hug. Its even caused a movement with this guy. Click Here

8. Sleep.  I mentioned this before but we can't leave it out. Many of you don't get enough sleep. Why. Is it the pillow, or the mattress? Don't play when your body and mind is asking to recharge and rest.

Want to go farther, reach new heights, finish your plan? Then take time to relax each day, and you'll feel recharged, re-energized and well rested.

How do you relax? Are you ready to add tiny bit more relaxation to your life?
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peace & love

May 17, 2012

Gray hair at 25?! Weak Knees but you don't play!

Have we lost our minds, nowadays we're racing so hard to 'get 'em' - [insert tangible/ intangible object you desire here] - we forget to get ourselves aligned. In line? No aligned - to our truths, our  "personal legends", our core, our spirit, our soul, our-selves - however you name it. What ever is natural, true and feels genuinely, authenically good to you. When was the last time you took a breather for you? Not for your kids, or spouse or significant other or your mama. I mean you.

"Life is chill, I'm good, sis" - so you say. Living on the fast lane, but your lane has no exits to  stop and check yourself ... or your tires matter of fact.

I see an epidemic of young 20 and 30 year olds commuters with sprouts of gray hair. First off there is nothing wrong with grey hairs. Absolutely nothing, it normal and natural so why fret. We'll all get any way its part of life. In fact, Gennifer Miller can give you the science behind grey hairs over at Healthy Textures.  I even discovered a strand myself last year. ;) Yup. But I wonder, maybe these commuters have entered to an episode of enlightenment and have embraced all life has to offer so quickly. I mean goodness, I didn't know you were so in touch with your spiritual-feminine-masculine side. Let me know! But why do I feel this is not even close to the reason.  It could be your relentless passion, maybe exhaustion as you fight for social justice, or duty to get those kids in working order or extra,extra long hours, and I can even forget the high stress environment or those who can't say "no" to anything? 

Who am I to tell you to stop. You're going to go anyway. Keep on going ... to where ever you're going to. Go. But if you're planning to reach somewhere real quick, or achieve something at the rate you're going (remember those 8 hours of sleep - you don't?) don't be crying up to the sky when 
a)body breaks down with exhaustion and feel dis-ease "How did I get this flu?"
b) you're cutting corners in every part of your life, to get by "Jack, I thought we promised.."
c) increase frustration, anger, complaints towards everyone - ok the world 
d)love life is sinking or maybe at least rocking unhappily....

Since you have to go, could you at least consider:

You don't have to start from the beginning or fast forward to the end. All you is required is to pause, stop for a while and then resume.

As Alan Davidson mentions in his wonderful post "there is a fine line between efficiency and burnout.. It is our focused intention that sets this kind of pause apart. The power of our intention is source of tremendous energy in, and of itself. It is simply remembering, on a regular and consistent basis throughout the day to completely unplug from the all-consuming tasks at hand:
a chaotic workday fraught with calls, meetings, and deadlines; demanding children, navigating the stresses of family and relationships; driving in traffic; balancing the demands of personal life and community service, or fighting for social justice."

Goodness, can you imgaine unplugging... 

So you want to go, don't you? If you want to go farther, better, stronger, higher - pause.
Here's  how:

Top 9 Ways You Can Pause
•    a few minutes of breathing or meditation - you breathe anyway why not be aware of it
•    a brief set of stretches, sit-ups, or push-ups - age doesn't matter
•    going to the gym - remember those?
•    a dance, yoga, or aerobics class - lets add zumba, ballroom dancing, dancing with your pets, grand kids
•    reading a juicy novel - there are some talented people that can scramble some words together let me tell you
•    a phone call to an inspiring friend or a loving family member - you are never alone
•    a walk outdoors in nice weather is mighty helpful- or around your apartment floor, or pretend to go the corner store
•    a nap -  if you dare, you might actually feel good
•    savoring a healthy meal - if you can't gift your body some real food maybe we need to sit down and re-prioritze...
Give me a break. Give you a break? Don't underestimate 90 seconds of pausing. 90 seconds, 10 mintues, 1 day, or a week of pausing. I think in this country a week of pausing is called a vacation. And they only allow 2 weeks. [shaking my head].

Pause every day, a tiny bit, and you'll have more vibrant, alive, self- restored body of energy.

peace & love.  Misa

Do you pause in your life? If not or are you willing to?

May 15, 2012

Shut up! You haven't failed yet?

If you never fail you never will succeed. Its so true as crazy as it may seem. Failure doesn't have to be something scary, cut throat, and suck the money out of your wallet. But failing often times, prepares you with one more thing, one more bit of knowledge, one more tool in your pocket in achieve your current mission or goal. After you've fail, one thing is certain: you know now, what not to do- so all you need to do is to try it again until you succeed.

Success is possible, period. You can achieve your ultimate goals if you are willing to go after them. And going after them, means being open to things going wrong. Lol. And they will. We are human beings after all. Subject to all imperfections and malfunctions at times.

I've personally failed numerous times - I'll never forget the time I quit my first job without a backup plan, failing in my first business, freezing during a music audition, crashing my car on Thanksgiving Day less than month from receiving my driving license.. ...and the list grows.  But all those experiences were so necessary  because they created the cornerstone of my life.
somewhere... So start where you are.

 Brownie points: If you can finds someone currently and continually successful, who's already doing something you are looking to achieve- bam, you have a map. Don't reinvent the wheel.  Save your self the extra trip, gas, time and follow those you've come before you. Your uniqueness will always, (if you allow it) add its own flair.

And heres a special video to remind you, that you are just as capable as ANYBODY to make a small change in your Self, Family, Neighborhood, Community, Town, State, Country or World. Own it!

May 13, 2012

To Kale or Not to Kale - green smoothie

In response to Franchesca's 28 Day Challenge  video on taking a stand to get some six packs and seeing your reaction to kale I couldn't help laughing and share my response.  I wanted to share if you never eaten kale, which is a green veggie, you don't have to just boil it. You can make green smoothie - yes it may sound crazzy but its so easier to consume! Trust me. All you need is green veggies like kale or spinach (for all newbie try spinach!)
+ fav fruit
+ a little water
and blend together.

Fruits I use include apple & banana together,
or mango
apple juice (clever huh?!)
frozen fruit

If you want to boost things up:
dash of cinnamon
1 Tof coconut oil
1T of spirulina (careful you'll need to add enough fruit is this too strong)

detxoify liver
removes of metals in your system
increase immune system and all imporant digestive organs!
improves skin, hair

Try it. I dare you.

Mar 26, 2012

Coco for Coconut

Hey fam, its been a long while. Goodness its been too long. So much has been happening. I recently moved, been meeting some interesting people, had a few breakthroughs through my own development. I recently found out I'll be seeing Oprah live, during taped show very soon (will keep you updated). I'm going on a mini vacation next week, just so much has been going on, that I'm truly grateful.
Especially grateful for the woman of the Feminine Mastery Program from around the world, we're are in a juicy state, if you will.

Ok, ok what I really want to talk about is coconuts. ?? But before I can talk about coconuts, specifically coconut oil,  I mentioned in my last post I would post about me, at one point in my life wanting to 'numb' myself and not wanting to feel anything. A personal side of me I've never really shared in this fashion before. Link to Numbing the Potential.

On a lighter note, coconuts rule. Lol. Okay handsome men do, but right now we're sticking to the tropical fruit my parents grew up on. The coconut oil and all its lusicious uses if you don't know by now is spread out in this week's post on "80 Uses for Coconut Oil" by Jennifer Hybrid Rasta Mama. Its a basic list, but I'll put on a post on what I'll be doing with my coconut oil.

Not Numbing the potential

The things that we do to get away from it all. Life is never as we expect sometimes. Sometimes  what is familiar and foreign, can corner us in uncomfortable situations where gasping for breathe is as painful as feeling suffocated. We'll do anything to go from to pain to pleasure. That's how we operate. No one wants to be uncomfortable. And if you're in that state long enough you either give in, accepting this as the way of life, or find a means to escape no matter how ethical, unethically, conventional, unconventional, simple or complex. One way of escape for me was numbing myself through eating, which I never realized until I had a a more expanded consciousness.
Source: National G

Growing up wasn't easy. My parents did the best they could and stressed to me always "work hard" all the time. Discipline and labor was the name of the game. And struggles came right along the same alley. I took up many roles growing up, which later caused a strain but overall I am grateful for all that I experienced.  Putting others first became second nature, and my identity was tied to common labels that our present society embraced. I never really expressed my voice and exploring this didn't come fully until I left home for school. Even after being away for school for four years, and coming back home, some of the limiting beliefs I learned in my early days were so ingrained I felt stuck in so many ways.

Going from an engineering degree graduate to quitting my first engineer job a year later, at the crux of the economic meltdown has been quite an experience, so far, that I would never trade. (More of that in another post if you want) I have found out early on that eating was nemesis for me, because of the stigma around it growing up. And it became one of a few ways I "numbed" myself from not wanting to deal or embrace the pains or pleasures of life.

I became more aware,  after committing to being open to all that life was trying to express to me through people, places and things I encountered. It wasn't until some time, until I realized one of the clever mechanisms my body used was eating as a comfort mode when I wasn't hungry. I call this "mindlessly eating" because I was never aware of this except for the problem, stiutation, or event in my mind. Was not conscious of it, until after the fact and was like - "Oh shit, when did this hurricane attack my kitchen?!" Many other people may have experienced this. Usually stress, anxiety were main triggers. But sometimes I would be happy, or excited and if was near the kitchen - forget about it. I happen to be discipline by nature, but this was no man's land.  I couldn't even access any part of me to stop me from eating. It was sooo automatic. Looked harmless from the outside - my family couldn't tell - I never gained extra weight, but it was a frustrating point to be especially since I had certain expectations for myself.

The worse part was that it crippled my creativity and my ability to be productive when I needed to be. Imagine seeing your life as you would have it, having small successes, having people supporting you, but not able to interact because you're looking at life from ....the outside. You're never fully there. Always missing crucial deadlines. Procrastinating to the "T". I definitely had some low points. Taking my life became frequent mental options.

A few of these low episodes finally got home and in my heart and it wasn't until I went back to what I knew worked for me, like meditating, allowing life to express through synchronicities that I began to understand I don't have to struggle alone or at all. Coming out of this 'trance' which I think may people are in,  could not have been possible without being & living in the present. Comprende? Basically not thinking on the past or being hung on the future, but living, thinking, being aware of this moment. Of course I also thank tools I've picked along the way from successful leaders, and conversations with my coach. There's nothing more amazing than to take the courage, for  yourself sake, in getting advice from someone who has more wisdom than you do. And my goodness, I got more than advice, I got some breakthroughs.

Ultimately what came up for me was the necessity of relating back to my inner child, as a friend would be a friend to a friend. If you're completely new to the word "inner child" its basically a younger version of you.  So having a great relationship with yourself, your inner child, or highest being or soul, is reflected in the quality your life whether in - health, relationships, career, finances, personal development.

Treat yourself horribly, ignore it, react to impulses of daily life instead of responding, or be driven by the constant fluctuations of fear & emotions and life isn't so pretty I bet. This is no joke, whether you think its far-fetched or not. The quality relationship you have with yourself, specifically the inner child can effect the quality of your current life. Not coming to terms with yourself if you experienced something as a child, whether you're conscious of it or not, will show up in various ways in your life. But life is ours to create as we please, right?...

Anyway, I'm at a point where music is taking center stage again, thank God! Its always glorious to do something you love each day, cause you and I owe it to ourselves. Otherwise, why are we here? I haven't totally cured my tendency to seek some comfort food when I'm anxious, but I have tools that I use that are bringing me closer and closer! Whew. If I may just a tad....tool #1 asking & staying in the questions ie: "What would it take for me to be calm before I played the piano?" (pause be still) "What is this situation trying to teach me right now?" "What is my body trying to tell me, right now?" "What I am doing to create this reaction from this person right now?" "If everyone I meet is a mirror, what is this person teaching me right now that I need to love/tolerate/embrace about myself?" OR
tool #2 Pause. Stop. Breathe consciously for a good moment. OR
# 3 Relating back to my inner child to find out whats going on.
These are just few I wanted to share. You'll find that over time - yes good things sometimes take time - you become stronger and in more control. What would it be like to have life on your terms? Or to respond to life no matter what it brings & take you to the next level?

Do onto others as you would to yourself completely.

Feb 14, 2012

Making Love. You first.

Love is always around. Whether I'm in a relationship or sailing my own boat, love can be found & felt. I feel it nowadays. Personally this time around, I find myself single and I'm grateful because it beautiful. More splendid opportunity to focus and care for me more. My past relationships were necessary lessons. There were patterns I didn't want to see repeat, so now I'm shaping my sail, if you catch my drift.
Best tibit I can give to other singles is that you can feel love always. No need to feel empty. The only person that can change your sitation is you. No one can give you what you need until you give it to yourself first. To yourself then others. Even then your significant other won't nail it 100% - only you know what you feel and need. Yes communication is gold. So searching for something outside of yourself will just leave you tired. I know because I've been there.

The funny thing is when you don't look for love, and decide to trust to let go, you'll notice love was always around you the whole time. Under your nose even. So why make it hard.... Make it easy. The key I think is not actively look for love but be love.(insert "I'm too sexy for my,,," hehe sometimes you need that)
Would you hang out with you? Long time?
Who has it/seem to have it put together that you can take away a few pearls of wisdom from.....

I don't know when this will find you, but I have to go and listen to some wise people that's been waiting for me and work on some bantu knots tonight. Happy V day.

No rushing allowed here. Resist nothing.................. 

I think my next post will be I how I came out of my numbing phase, of not want to feel anything.. 

peace & love

Love or War?

I'm hoping today you're making love and not war. What about cupcakes? But seriously make, peace & love to yourself first. Then send some love out around you. Doesn't have to be personal. Why beat yourself up, so hard when you can come to terms and honor your flaws. Real love happens when you first love yourself. Loving others become easier. And I think more clarity about the people you let love you.

Loving others from your 'overflow' of love will be easier, comfortable, & generative. Don't believe me? When was the last time you took for yourself? 5 minutes? 1.5 hours? Its a daily affair with thine self. Don't you notice when you try to make someone love you, its never to your satisfaction 100% of the time? Depend on you first. Take care of you. And the special person will be that extra goodness on top. You know that extra whip cream, cherry on top..

Here's some rhythm and blues sung by Robin Thicke on Love after War to smooth on some love in your world....

Feb 8, 2012

What happens in the face desperation - give up?

If you were met with a decision tomorrow that forced you to move not knowing what you would do, would you take the decision or give up while standing cold in fear and sweat?
What if this uncomfortable change  brought you out of your zone for 2 days or 22 months?
10. The world did not end
9. Yourself worth does not decrease of your economic/homeless/whatever-state you're in. You made of the same flesh of bones, breath the same of air of Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan (hehe I'm fan). Seriously though, you have what it takes to make it through - in this moment. Cause all you have is this moment.
8. Your problem isn't new. The ancient sun has it before for millions of years. Someone went through what you did - so there is be a solution, etched out in a book, video, poem, art or synchronized moment waiting for you inquire and discover it.
7.Main areas of focus should be: food, shelter, source of income, your own time. Your own time - time to yourself so crucial. A time for you to be quiet and think objectively without judgement. You already went through enough so why bring yourself down?
6. Make a Plan- very light. Come with a small and large goal.
5. Reflect on what brought your present state of desperation/homelessness/money woes
4.Admit the facts and reality. And know that tomorrow isn't dependent on yesterday ever. That's why tomorrow is a gift for you to try again, if you're able to see it.
3. Think of a good - feeling though now. Reach for a better feeling thought until you finds some relief
2. Take some action from your relieved/inspired self. The better feeling will last longer & be much more powerful than acting out of anger or hopeless desperation.
1. Repeat #3 &2

It is not your fault. Everything happens for you not to you, for your benefit. Don't give up the journey to your aspirations. Don't give up.

Feb 5, 2012

Its the Little Things...Progress

This pic on Seble Abebe's Tubmlr caught my eyes, which couldn't stay dry. The caption read "Progress". Just wanted to share.

What little progress are you making today?

Source: Seble X Abebe via (Source: youthseektruth, via heckyeahabeshagirls) "Progress"

Feb 4, 2012

Testing Darlings!

Be patient my honey bees..fixing a few things

11 Shockingly Easy Tips for Getting Motivated

I saw this post earlier and had to share some juicy ways to be motivated. You know this year is still fresh and new. Some of you may have already let go of your goals because you haven't seen results- so you feeling lost by the wayside. Jason Gracia spills some sweets tips to stir you up:
Some people are like carved statues on heavy stone bases. They’re not going anywhere, no matter how hard they are pushed.
But you are poised at the edge, on the brink, so close to the tipping point you can see it, feel it, taste it! Your wings are spread, but you need a breath of wind to help lift you into flight.
You need the tiniest nudge… And with that nudge, you are launched into flight, and the entire world opens beneath your capable wings.
Here are 17 gentle nudges to help you stop thinking about something and, instead, DO.
1. Scary Math

Jan 10, 2012

I’m on the edge of…

My future glory? Or yours? It is a new year. It is another chance to get it right, that’s why we’re still alive, right? 
Let’s go. You and me. Lets get this going. My car keys is in my hand, you can close the door behind you. Lets go conquer the world! Period. Ok, maybe just our immediate environment for now. One fun exercise you can do to help you jump start your year: 

Jan 1, 2012

New Year is Here and Now for evahhhh

Hey fam, to all my subscribers and followers Bonne Année! or Happy Birthday! I meant Happy New New Year. The celebration is high if feels like a birthday. No? If you came to my neck of the woods and celebrated with my family you would be met with the smells of butternut squash soup, silent short prayer, showering with champagne (mostly for the guys) for good luck, throwing rice for more good luck, a fruit bowl, for even more more good luck, and drink of wine, champagne or whatever rocks your boat.