Feb 14, 2012

Making Love. You first.

Love is always around. Whether I'm in a relationship or sailing my own boat, love can be found & felt. I feel it nowadays. Personally this time around, I find myself single and I'm grateful because it beautiful. More splendid opportunity to focus and care for me more. My past relationships were necessary lessons. There were patterns I didn't want to see repeat, so now I'm shaping my sail, if you catch my drift.
Best tibit I can give to other singles is that you can feel love always. No need to feel empty. The only person that can change your sitation is you. No one can give you what you need until you give it to yourself first. To yourself then others. Even then your significant other won't nail it 100% - only you know what you feel and need. Yes communication is gold. So searching for something outside of yourself will just leave you tired. I know because I've been there.

The funny thing is when you don't look for love, and decide to trust to let go, you'll notice love was always around you the whole time. Under your nose even. So why make it hard.... Make it easy. The key I think is not actively look for love but be love.(insert "I'm too sexy for my,,," hehe sometimes you need that)
Would you hang out with you? Long time?
Who has it/seem to have it put together that you can take away a few pearls of wisdom from.....

I don't know when this will find you, but I have to go and listen to some wise people that's been waiting for me and work on some bantu knots tonight. Happy V day.

No rushing allowed here. Resist nothing.................. 

I think my next post will be I how I came out of my numbing phase, of not want to feel anything.. 

peace & love

Love or War?

I'm hoping today you're making love and not war. What about cupcakes? But seriously make, peace & love to yourself first. Then send some love out around you. Doesn't have to be personal. Why beat yourself up, so hard when you can come to terms and honor your flaws. Real love happens when you first love yourself. Loving others become easier. And I think more clarity about the people you let love you.

Loving others from your 'overflow' of love will be easier, comfortable, & generative. Don't believe me? When was the last time you took for yourself? 5 minutes? 1.5 hours? Its a daily affair with thine self. Don't you notice when you try to make someone love you, its never to your satisfaction 100% of the time? Depend on you first. Take care of you. And the special person will be that extra goodness on top. You know that extra whip cream, cherry on top..

Here's some rhythm and blues sung by Robin Thicke on Love after War to smooth on some love in your world....

Feb 8, 2012

What happens in the face desperation - give up?

If you were met with a decision tomorrow that forced you to move not knowing what you would do, would you take the decision or give up while standing cold in fear and sweat?
What if this uncomfortable change  brought you out of your zone for 2 days or 22 months?
10. The world did not end
9. Yourself worth does not decrease of your economic/homeless/whatever-state you're in. You made of the same flesh of bones, breath the same of air of Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan (hehe I'm fan). Seriously though, you have what it takes to make it through - in this moment. Cause all you have is this moment.
8. Your problem isn't new. The ancient sun has it before for millions of years. Someone went through what you did - so there is be a solution, etched out in a book, video, poem, art or synchronized moment waiting for you inquire and discover it.
7.Main areas of focus should be: food, shelter, source of income, your own time. Your own time - time to yourself so crucial. A time for you to be quiet and think objectively without judgement. You already went through enough so why bring yourself down?
6. Make a Plan- very light. Come with a small and large goal.
5. Reflect on what brought your present state of desperation/homelessness/money woes
4.Admit the facts and reality. And know that tomorrow isn't dependent on yesterday ever. That's why tomorrow is a gift for you to try again, if you're able to see it.
3. Think of a good - feeling though now. Reach for a better feeling thought until you finds some relief
2. Take some action from your relieved/inspired self. The better feeling will last longer & be much more powerful than acting out of anger or hopeless desperation.
1. Repeat #3 &2

It is not your fault. Everything happens for you not to you, for your benefit. Don't give up the journey to your aspirations. Don't give up.

Feb 5, 2012

Its the Little Things...Progress

This pic on Seble Abebe's Tubmlr caught my eyes, which couldn't stay dry. The caption read "Progress". Just wanted to share.

What little progress are you making today?

Source: Seble X Abebe via (Source: youthseektruth, via heckyeahabeshagirls) "Progress"

Feb 4, 2012

Testing Darlings!

Be patient my honey bees..fixing a few things

11 Shockingly Easy Tips for Getting Motivated

I saw this post earlier and had to share some juicy ways to be motivated. You know this year is still fresh and new. Some of you may have already let go of your goals because you haven't seen results- so you feeling lost by the wayside. Jason Gracia spills some sweets tips to stir you up:
Some people are like carved statues on heavy stone bases. They’re not going anywhere, no matter how hard they are pushed.
But you are poised at the edge, on the brink, so close to the tipping point you can see it, feel it, taste it! Your wings are spread, but you need a breath of wind to help lift you into flight.
You need the tiniest nudge… And with that nudge, you are launched into flight, and the entire world opens beneath your capable wings.
Here are 17 gentle nudges to help you stop thinking about something and, instead, DO.
1. Scary Math