Feb 14, 2012

Love or War?

I'm hoping today you're making love and not war. What about cupcakes? But seriously make, peace & love to yourself first. Then send some love out around you. Doesn't have to be personal. Why beat yourself up, so hard when you can come to terms and honor your flaws. Real love happens when you first love yourself. Loving others become easier. And I think more clarity about the people you let love you.

Loving others from your 'overflow' of love will be easier, comfortable, & generative. Don't believe me? When was the last time you took for yourself? 5 minutes? 1.5 hours? Its a daily affair with thine self. Don't you notice when you try to make someone love you, its never to your satisfaction 100% of the time? Depend on you first. Take care of you. And the special person will be that extra goodness on top. You know that extra whip cream, cherry on top..

Here's some rhythm and blues sung by Robin Thicke on Love after War to smooth on some love in your world....

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