Jan 30, 2013

Strange Men

They take their leisure time
they take their flicks of woman that
prance back and forth along the sidewalk gray.
They sit. They stand. They stare.
Open. Closed.
They laugh among themselves as if they were in
on the biggest secret known to man.

The cement and the broken glass below.
The loose electrical wires and cloudy skies above.
"Wonder what new creature will past?" they ask.
I wonder what new creature will past their street.
What new topic can they turn on their tongues.
Tongues that are numb from the cold $2 beer.
Tongues accustom to the dry, calming draws of
their slender cigarettes.
Who can pity them? Who can ignore them?

As the sun settle again back to its safe retreat,
these men draw in air one last time and
look onward inside for their next

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