Jun 11, 2012

David Wolfe and Basketball

Superfoods and NBA championships. What?!

Hey guys, I had an neat time helping the owners of a Catch a Healthy Habit Café, host their David Wolfe sold out talk at the Fairfield Theater Company. I wanted to share a little bit of what went on, it was really good vibes, and overall a great event. David Wolfe is described as among the top quintessential authority for all things for natural health, herbalism, beauty nutrition, and organic superfoods. As a sought after nutritionist, Woody Harrelson, Angela Basset, Tony Robbins, John Assaraf, former Steve Jobs, Bryce Dallas Howard are just some a few of his celeb fan base.

If you have a tad bit of interest in what you eat, and making sure you can eat the best on any level – whether your athlete, you workout, want to switch your routine, or eating good for health sake he may be a good source for information for you've been looking in what you consume. 

At the event in Wolfe really personified a very laid back, down-to-earth kind of guy with a good sense of humor. And the thing is, he didn't shove information saying this is the “ only way”, it was more like “I researched and tried these these things, check these out for yourself, you might like what you see” kind of feel. And ever so generous he had the audience try some highly sought after cacao beans, and raw chocolate from one of many companies he co-founded -  Sacred Chocolate.

Topic-wise, goodness this dude touched many things, from super foods to herbs. You don’t hear your doctor telling you to take your dose of these everyday. But one thing that struck me was, his noted friendship with John Salley with a former basketball center-forward player of the Chicago Bulls. John is one  of two players in NBA history that won championships in three different teams.  Championships within one team is one thing, but pack your bags, leave for another team, another set of environment, another set of team style and win a team championship is another thing? Makes you wonder “Whatcha doing their my brother?” Can you imagine winning four championships while playing for Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers.  He must be doing something right.  I’m not trying to say anything but some factors in that level of success, that isn't average within a basketball career, has a little bit with the health. Don't you agree?

John Salley, on left, at recent event at Sinai Medical Genetics Institute  May 2012 (looks healthy to me)

So what exactly did David talk about…well a lot. Too much to indulge, but here's what I'm going to do, since I would want all my friends and family who aren't aware of this already, I’ll only list a few things here, and then its up to you and try it for yourself. If doesn’t agree with you (your body), then its not for you, move on to the next. Its good to have choices. For a pdf copy of some notes I gathered click here.

I would post pics from the David Wolfe event but my cell is currently MIA - sort of. More on that later... but David had a bit of drumming skills, last I heard...

Since I can't access my pics, here's a nice tv interview with John Salley taking about his health. Click here for video link.

peace & love

Would consuming super foods or herbs improve your life?

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