Jul 30, 2014

The Queen Argo's Monthly Dilemma

"Richard, please take the scribe and deliver. For I may 
not see dawn break:

"Possessing my thoughts
a dilemma between my legs alerts my body
Aching to either receive or release
an avalanche of emotions.
Thoughts evoke more emotions which do nothing
to tame the lioness within.
Prancing back and forth.
Walking back and forth
roaring discreet incomprehensible sounds.

Every minute that passes makes me
despise your memory more
Unsatisfied at the slow progress of advancement
I call for you to enter and your hands to lay upon 
the open field fresh with new harvest.
Oh, but you refrain
Rather, you hesitate.

I don't want to eat you.
I don't want to hurt you
but consuming you seems the only way I can 
perhaps subdue this growing pain rippling from my chest