Jan 7, 2013


Fuck it. I’ll admit it. I’m trying to
reach perfection. Perfect this.
 Perfect that. Hoping that this perfection
will settle the sand to the bottom and clear
the muddy water, so  I can enjoy the perfect life.
And the perfect lover, perfect homes, perfect
cars, with perfect friends with perfect
light and perfect walkway as
I dance across the floor.
Even the perfect mike, so I sing,
that sad, pitiful like no more.

Yes I’m trying to attain it.
I've even read the books
sat on my bottom, trying to contain it.
Sat Indian style, trying to inhale it.
Pretty perfect picture – Buddah, Jesus, Krishna,
a flower, a stone. I still seem planets away from perfection.
Yet I enjoy looking at it. Every part of it as I walk down the street.
I grab a little here, take a whiff there, listen to some of it
But really
the only thing perfect is …..this…. moment.
As the lotus opens up and float downstream,
reaching every corner without much harm,
it blooms even more beautifully, relieved
that it was made perfect for this moment.

(c) 2013 Misa Ney

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