May 15, 2012

Shut up! You haven't failed yet?

If you never fail you never will succeed. Its so true as crazy as it may seem. Failure doesn't have to be something scary, cut throat, and suck the money out of your wallet. But failing often times, prepares you with one more thing, one more bit of knowledge, one more tool in your pocket in achieve your current mission or goal. After you've fail, one thing is certain: you know now, what not to do- so all you need to do is to try it again until you succeed.

Success is possible, period. You can achieve your ultimate goals if you are willing to go after them. And going after them, means being open to things going wrong. Lol. And they will. We are human beings after all. Subject to all imperfections and malfunctions at times.

I've personally failed numerous times - I'll never forget the time I quit my first job without a backup plan, failing in my first business, freezing during a music audition, crashing my car on Thanksgiving Day less than month from receiving my driving license.. ...and the list grows.  But all those experiences were so necessary  because they created the cornerstone of my life.
somewhere... So start where you are.

 Brownie points: If you can finds someone currently and continually successful, who's already doing something you are looking to achieve- bam, you have a map. Don't reinvent the wheel.  Save your self the extra trip, gas, time and follow those you've come before you. Your uniqueness will always, (if you allow it) add its own flair.

And heres a special video to remind you, that you are just as capable as ANYBODY to make a small change in your Self, Family, Neighborhood, Community, Town, State, Country or World. Own it!

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