Mar 26, 2012

Coco for Coconut

Hey fam, its been a long while. Goodness its been too long. So much has been happening. I recently moved, been meeting some interesting people, had a few breakthroughs through my own development. I recently found out I'll be seeing Oprah live, during taped show very soon (will keep you updated). I'm going on a mini vacation next week, just so much has been going on, that I'm truly grateful.
Especially grateful for the woman of the Feminine Mastery Program from around the world, we're are in a juicy state, if you will.

Ok, ok what I really want to talk about is coconuts. ?? But before I can talk about coconuts, specifically coconut oil,  I mentioned in my last post I would post about me, at one point in my life wanting to 'numb' myself and not wanting to feel anything. A personal side of me I've never really shared in this fashion before. Link to Numbing the Potential.

On a lighter note, coconuts rule. Lol. Okay handsome men do, but right now we're sticking to the tropical fruit my parents grew up on. The coconut oil and all its lusicious uses if you don't know by now is spread out in this week's post on "80 Uses for Coconut Oil" by Jennifer Hybrid Rasta Mama. Its a basic list, but I'll put on a post on what I'll be doing with my coconut oil.

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