Aug 4, 2014

Extract from the 5th Hall

"..And as she blacked out, she felt her legs give underneath her. Her bones became unstable. All she heard in the background was faint drumming sounds."

Aug 1, 2014

I don't want to give you up and share you with the world.
I don't want to call your name lest somebody else
has the pleasure of uttering your syllables
I don't want to share you, because your vision is for my eyes to witness
I don't want to walk in front of you lest i lose sight of you
I don't want to share you to anyone anything.
You are my everything and more.

You're too good. Too wise. Too whole. Too normal to be defeated in this abnormal world.

I want you all to myself, like chocolate cookie jar to greedy kid.
I will hid you in my pocket, and quickly chump you in my mouth.
I will swallow you quick and look for some more of you.

Where are you?