Jun 12, 2012

Open letter to Ayiti

Well last week I had a chance to see my letter to life a little bit. The increasingly popular and respected photographer and director, Francesca Andre selected my open letter as part of larger project that her network is creating. The scope of the project was to write a letter sharing your thoughts and feelings to Ayiti/Haiti. I knew I wanted to say many things, and though it wasn’t easy to address them all, it eventually flowed into the present metaphoric letter which I have posted below.

As soon as I get word of the completion of the portion` film shots that will be used in a documentary, you will be the first to know. It was fun being on set and getting a scope from a director’s point of view of what goes into filming. Much renewed respect to the directors cause it is not an easy task. There’s a few flicks on my facebook page. But it doesn’t give any justice of what really went all. When I see it hopefully, you guys will too. I’m nervous and excited, but it was an experience.

Peace & love

Click here to access the open letter "Alo Ayiti"

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