Jun 4, 2012

The Power of Relaxation to help Dominate in Your Career & Life

Whether you're climbing the ranks, in between jobs, cooking for a crowd of ten, or breaking your swimming record the way you relax or get tuned to yourself effects your performance. It comes down to may factors in which we can't ignore preparation, skills, confidence, and experience. But one remarkable component is centered around how well you can relax. The better you relax the more likely you can get in that "zone", and able to focus on your goal or objective. Think about this way. If you are frantic about getting a job and submitting resume left and right to every conceivable job posting, I can almost assure you, your focus which is based on desperation and need to get what you want probably won't work out to so well. Relax, choose wisely and be confident with your efforts.

Relaxing yourself helps you to reenergize 
refocus, and overall rest.

And when I'm talking about relaxation, I'm not talking about the weekends or the few hours that you sleep. You already sleeping is too good to ignore and weekends come and go. What I want to propose is fitting in relaxation each day, through tiny movements, much like the minute hand on a clock- tiny movements.

Top Ways to incorporate - R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N to your everyday life.

1. Timer set - set your timer on your cell for 5 minutes as soon as you wake or during the day, so you can stop, pause and focus only on breathing. Maybe difficult for some, so try 1minute and build from their. Tiny steps rule!

2. Soak your point of contact to the earth. If you stand on your feet all day- soak those feet when you come home! If you knew how important your feet is, you would be kissing it each day. Or maybe massage it. Lol. You can write, read, check messages, take a nap, tell your kids stories while you let those babies soak.

3. Listen to soothing music as you do nothing or something that requires little effort. The power of music. Great for those commuters who drive or subway/train to work/school. Try Pandora which is free or make kick-ass soothing playlist of your own!

4. Child Pose. If  you can, stretching your body can prevent more pain, aches and soreness in the future. Picture below is an example of child pose below. There are hundred of different stretches. This particular pose is good way to release your lower back, rest your arms and for beginners.

5. Having Sex. Increasing the intimacy in your life can also benefit the hormones of your as well as your significant other. Number one benefit of this activity is its time proven ability to decrease stress.

6. Cuddling. Yes indeed, reduces stress &blood pressure, it feels good and may increase your communication with the person you're cuddling. How about that!

7. Same goes for Hugging. Never underestimate the power of sharing a hug. Its even caused a movement with this guy. Click Here

8. Sleep.  I mentioned this before but we can't leave it out. Many of you don't get enough sleep. Why. Is it the pillow, or the mattress? Don't play when your body and mind is asking to recharge and rest.

Want to go farther, reach new heights, finish your plan? Then take time to relax each day, and you'll feel recharged, re-energized and well rested.

How do you relax? Are you ready to add tiny bit more relaxation to your life?
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