Jun 27, 2012

Time to Plant Your Walls

Time to plant your walls!

For those of you who always wanted to garden but have limited space due to your location or lack time to prep your yard for a potential lush harvest,  Wolly Pockets ® may be a potential choice that’s affordable, versatile and convenient.

What is a Wolly Pocket ®?
These durable modular gardening containers are favorites for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Instead or in addition to having clay pots, that require surface space, Wolly Pockets® can line your walls making room for you to plant anything from herbs, ferns to yummy veggies. Of course these “wallys” aren’t only for indoors they can easily be used outdoor s as well.
Wallys are made of 100% recyclable bottles and are lined with a military grade barrier to ensure your walls remain dry. Whether you decide having an herb garden for your kitchen, ferns in your living room, gold foliage adorning your business wall - the possibilities are endless.   
Why Use it?
Plants thrive in these containers which you can easily fasten and anchor to walls made of masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood, and metal.  Installation is as simple as: hanging the wallys, pre-selecting your plants, filling up the wally with quality soil, planting and watering your plants. The back panel or “tongue” of the pockets makes watering simple – just use a wine bottle or favorite long spout watering can to water the tongue portion of the wally. The tongue then wicks water down directly to the roots. For larger installations, automatic watering is achieved with optional drip irrigation. 

Two different wally versions allow for having a built-in reservoir that allow the tongue to continue to self-water the plants. Or if you opt without the reservoir, your plants receive maximum drainage. Lastly, your plants remain strong and healthy with the breathable felt that ensure moisture evaporates and plants to air prune.
Bring your walls to life!
Floor space will no longer be an issue when you can beautifully line your walls, rails or fences with lush botanical garden. It can be as small or large as you prefer with the added bonus of lighting up your rooms. Whether you love edibles, annuals or perennials the wallys can are convenient and functional way to spruce up your space. 

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