Feb 4, 2012

11 Shockingly Easy Tips for Getting Motivated

I saw this post earlier and had to share some juicy ways to be motivated. You know this year is still fresh and new. Some of you may have already let go of your goals because you haven't seen results- so you feeling lost by the wayside. Jason Gracia spills some sweets tips to stir you up:
Some people are like carved statues on heavy stone bases. They’re not going anywhere, no matter how hard they are pushed.
But you are poised at the edge, on the brink, so close to the tipping point you can see it, feel it, taste it! Your wings are spread, but you need a breath of wind to help lift you into flight.
You need the tiniest nudge… And with that nudge, you are launched into flight, and the entire world opens beneath your capable wings.
Here are 17 gentle nudges to help you stop thinking about something and, instead, DO.
1. Scary Math
Subtract your age from 75, then multiply by 52. That’s how many Thank-God-It’s-Fridays you have left, on average. It’s easy to forget how quickly our days disappear. For right now, at this moment, don’t distract yourself. Do the math.
2. It Can Happen Now 
Different seems hard. It’s easy to do what you’ve done, get what you’ve gotten. But change? That’s an uphill climb, a battle against nature, an impossible fight. Or is it? (No, it’s not.) When you believe that change is a brick wall that climbs miles into the air–and that it takes forever–well, those are heavy obstacles to ignore.
But it’s all a lie. Every second is a new start. Yes, that sounds rah-rah motivational, but it’s fact. You could stand up a new person. You could do something different in the next moment. Change doesn’t have to take a lifetime; it starts right now. So start.
3. Going, Going, Gone
Another warning. (Sorry, I don’t mean to be a downer, but if this motivates you to change your life for the better, it’s a good thing.) Many people (perhaps you?) could do something about the things you want to have or be or do.
Yes, I know you’re scared. I know you have a thousand excuses. But, still, you COULD do something if you really wanted to, or had to. That’s true now, but it won’t always be.
Opportunities come and go all the time and without notice. “I’ll do it later,” you tell yourself. Eventually, that won’t be an option. Eventually your chance will be gone. Take a stab while you still can.
4. Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy
Finally, a happy idea. Think of something you want–you want to get motivated, so you obviously want something, right?
Now think of the strongest reason you want it. What will it give you? How will it change you? How will it make you feel? What will life be like when you move toward and finally make it real? There’s your motivation.
5. You are an Example
Are you a good one? Do you have children? Would they be proud to know you have a dream that you’re too afraid to enact? Is that the example you want to give them? You’re an example, perhaps not to sons or daughters, but to someone. A friend. A co-worker. A human. Be an example that inspires us to be better.
6. Get Psyched
Think about it: if you get good at this, if you learn the skills behind motivation, your life is whatever you want it to be. You get crayons and a bright sheet of blank paper. What are you going to draw? That’s totally up to you, and that’s incredible.
Life is hard, life is short, but life is also yours to mold. You can live where you want to live, eat what you want to eat, see what you want to see, go where you want to go, be who you want to be. If you learn how to get motivated, you can make anything happen. That’s exciting.
7. Make Smart Comparisons
Want to kill your drive? Compare yourself to someone who isn’t as happy, motivated, charitable, creative…”Well, at least I’m better off than that guy.” At that moment, in that instant, the pressure to be better is released. You’re comfortable again. You feel good about where you are. “Yeah, things could be improved, but I can’t complain.”
You need to complain! You know what you’re capable of. You know what you could do if you only had the guts. So don’t compare yourself to situations and people you don’t want to emulate. Compare yourself to someone or something bigger and better. Compare yourself to someone who isn’t afraid and who gives life to ideas. Are you that person yet? Then get to work.
8. It is Up to…
YOU. People may help. Opportunities may drop near your lap. Dumb luck might smack you in the face. But you–yes, you–are going to have to make it happen. If it’s going to be, it’s going to be through your hands, your courage, your heart.
9. What If?
What if you fail? What if you keep putting it off (whatever ‘it’ is) for years, decades, a lifetime? What is it going to cost you? How much worse is your life going to be? Who are you going to let down? How will it feel to let yourself down? Make it painful. Make it hurt. Then make sure it doesn’t happen.
10. Is It Going to Kill You?
I know you’re afraid. I am too. We’re all scared to do something new or to put ourselves out there for everyone to judge. But will it kill you? Will it kill you to stand up for an idea that everyone else laughs at? Will it kill you to sing or play piano, go back to school as a mom or dad, start a blog around your passion, dress in that snazzy hat you love, talk to a stranger?
Uncomfortable? Sure. Make you feel sick to your stomach? Maybe. But that’s how you live. You don’t sit in your comfy chair, far removed from the activity of the world. You get up. You do things, new things. You put yourself into the mix and drink up everything earth has to offer. It’s scary, but it’s worth it.
11. I Lied.
I only had ten ideas to share. But I made a promise when I wrote the headline you read above, so I have to get to work on more tips and idea for you. It’s the power of a promise.
Tell someone, today, that you’re going to do this or that. You’ll create something that wasn’t there before.
You’ll create pressure–positive pressure–and you’ll create an obligation. Someone knows your plans now. She expects results. Don’t let her down. (Okay, that was a tip, so I didn’t really lie. But I did end this post with a twist to keep you guessing.) .... Thank You. - Jason M. Gracia

Well hope this rekindled your fire to stay motivated
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