Feb 14, 2012

Making Love. You first.

Love is always around. Whether I'm in a relationship or sailing my own boat, love can be found & felt. I feel it nowadays. Personally this time around, I find myself single and I'm grateful because it beautiful. More splendid opportunity to focus and care for me more. My past relationships were necessary lessons. There were patterns I didn't want to see repeat, so now I'm shaping my sail, if you catch my drift.
Best tibit I can give to other singles is that you can feel love always. No need to feel empty. The only person that can change your sitation is you. No one can give you what you need until you give it to yourself first. To yourself then others. Even then your significant other won't nail it 100% - only you know what you feel and need. Yes communication is gold. So searching for something outside of yourself will just leave you tired. I know because I've been there.

The funny thing is when you don't look for love, and decide to trust to let go, you'll notice love was always around you the whole time. Under your nose even. So why make it hard.... Make it easy. The key I think is not actively look for love but be love.(insert "I'm too sexy for my,,," hehe sometimes you need that)
Would you hang out with you? Long time?
Who has it/seem to have it put together that you can take away a few pearls of wisdom from.....

I don't know when this will find you, but I have to go and listen to some wise people that's been waiting for me and work on some bantu knots tonight. Happy V day.

No rushing allowed here. Resist nothing.................. 

I think my next post will be I how I came out of my numbing phase, of not want to feel anything.. 

peace & love

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