May 17, 2012

Gray hair at 25?! Weak Knees but you don't play!

Have we lost our minds, nowadays we're racing so hard to 'get 'em' - [insert tangible/ intangible object you desire here] - we forget to get ourselves aligned. In line? No aligned - to our truths, our  "personal legends", our core, our spirit, our soul, our-selves - however you name it. What ever is natural, true and feels genuinely, authenically good to you. When was the last time you took a breather for you? Not for your kids, or spouse or significant other or your mama. I mean you.

"Life is chill, I'm good, sis" - so you say. Living on the fast lane, but your lane has no exits to  stop and check yourself ... or your tires matter of fact.

I see an epidemic of young 20 and 30 year olds commuters with sprouts of gray hair. First off there is nothing wrong with grey hairs. Absolutely nothing, it normal and natural so why fret. We'll all get any way its part of life. In fact, Gennifer Miller can give you the science behind grey hairs over at Healthy Textures.  I even discovered a strand myself last year. ;) Yup. But I wonder, maybe these commuters have entered to an episode of enlightenment and have embraced all life has to offer so quickly. I mean goodness, I didn't know you were so in touch with your spiritual-feminine-masculine side. Let me know! But why do I feel this is not even close to the reason.  It could be your relentless passion, maybe exhaustion as you fight for social justice, or duty to get those kids in working order or extra,extra long hours, and I can even forget the high stress environment or those who can't say "no" to anything? 

Who am I to tell you to stop. You're going to go anyway. Keep on going ... to where ever you're going to. Go. But if you're planning to reach somewhere real quick, or achieve something at the rate you're going (remember those 8 hours of sleep - you don't?) don't be crying up to the sky when 
a)body breaks down with exhaustion and feel dis-ease "How did I get this flu?"
b) you're cutting corners in every part of your life, to get by "Jack, I thought we promised.."
c) increase frustration, anger, complaints towards everyone - ok the world 
d)love life is sinking or maybe at least rocking unhappily....

Since you have to go, could you at least consider:

You don't have to start from the beginning or fast forward to the end. All you is required is to pause, stop for a while and then resume.

As Alan Davidson mentions in his wonderful post "there is a fine line between efficiency and burnout.. It is our focused intention that sets this kind of pause apart. The power of our intention is source of tremendous energy in, and of itself. It is simply remembering, on a regular and consistent basis throughout the day to completely unplug from the all-consuming tasks at hand:
a chaotic workday fraught with calls, meetings, and deadlines; demanding children, navigating the stresses of family and relationships; driving in traffic; balancing the demands of personal life and community service, or fighting for social justice."

Goodness, can you imgaine unplugging... 

So you want to go, don't you? If you want to go farther, better, stronger, higher - pause.
Here's  how:

Top 9 Ways You Can Pause
•    a few minutes of breathing or meditation - you breathe anyway why not be aware of it
•    a brief set of stretches, sit-ups, or push-ups - age doesn't matter
•    going to the gym - remember those?
•    a dance, yoga, or aerobics class - lets add zumba, ballroom dancing, dancing with your pets, grand kids
•    reading a juicy novel - there are some talented people that can scramble some words together let me tell you
•    a phone call to an inspiring friend or a loving family member - you are never alone
•    a walk outdoors in nice weather is mighty helpful- or around your apartment floor, or pretend to go the corner store
•    a nap -  if you dare, you might actually feel good
•    savoring a healthy meal - if you can't gift your body some real food maybe we need to sit down and re-prioritze...
Give me a break. Give you a break? Don't underestimate 90 seconds of pausing. 90 seconds, 10 mintues, 1 day, or a week of pausing. I think in this country a week of pausing is called a vacation. And they only allow 2 weeks. [shaking my head].

Pause every day, a tiny bit, and you'll have more vibrant, alive, self- restored body of energy.

peace & love.  Misa

Do you pause in your life? If not or are you willing to?

May 15, 2012

Shut up! You haven't failed yet?

If you never fail you never will succeed. Its so true as crazy as it may seem. Failure doesn't have to be something scary, cut throat, and suck the money out of your wallet. But failing often times, prepares you with one more thing, one more bit of knowledge, one more tool in your pocket in achieve your current mission or goal. After you've fail, one thing is certain: you know now, what not to do- so all you need to do is to try it again until you succeed.

Success is possible, period. You can achieve your ultimate goals if you are willing to go after them. And going after them, means being open to things going wrong. Lol. And they will. We are human beings after all. Subject to all imperfections and malfunctions at times.

I've personally failed numerous times - I'll never forget the time I quit my first job without a backup plan, failing in my first business, freezing during a music audition, crashing my car on Thanksgiving Day less than month from receiving my driving license.. ...and the list grows.  But all those experiences were so necessary  because they created the cornerstone of my life.
somewhere... So start where you are.

 Brownie points: If you can finds someone currently and continually successful, who's already doing something you are looking to achieve- bam, you have a map. Don't reinvent the wheel.  Save your self the extra trip, gas, time and follow those you've come before you. Your uniqueness will always, (if you allow it) add its own flair.

And heres a special video to remind you, that you are just as capable as ANYBODY to make a small change in your Self, Family, Neighborhood, Community, Town, State, Country or World. Own it!

May 13, 2012

To Kale or Not to Kale - green smoothie

In response to Franchesca's 28 Day Challenge  video on taking a stand to get some six packs and seeing your reaction to kale I couldn't help laughing and share my response.  I wanted to share if you never eaten kale, which is a green veggie, you don't have to just boil it. You can make green smoothie - yes it may sound crazzy but its so easier to consume! Trust me. All you need is green veggies like kale or spinach (for all newbie try spinach!)
+ fav fruit
+ a little water
and blend together.

Fruits I use include apple & banana together,
or mango
apple juice (clever huh?!)
frozen fruit

If you want to boost things up:
dash of cinnamon
1 Tof coconut oil
1T of spirulina (careful you'll need to add enough fruit is this too strong)

detxoify liver
removes of metals in your system
increase immune system and all imporant digestive organs!
improves skin, hair

Try it. I dare you.