Oct 28, 2016

Trail of the feathers

As long as I could remember, you
sent me feathers along my path.
Flutters of whites, greys, blacks.  Tiny and gigantic.
Soft breaths of ethers beyond.
Always guiding me
Always reassuring.
I asked and you answered
I acknowledge
and I am eternally grateful.
If I wasn't open I would call me crazy.
But thank goodness the mediocre life is too
dull in this dimension to settle in.
Watch me follow this uneven path now, and
watch me turn a corner and there you - standing out among the dull concrete, broken glass and tired grass, I see a swaying, glowing gift from above.

How much longer?

How I missed you.
How much longer will I have to wait?
When will my ship come?
I feel done here..nothing more to do.
Every time I search for you in the sky..
how I yearn for you.
How much longer?
I see you and you call me each day
No other one but you
How much longer?

Oct 27, 2016


The hair grows where it was cut
The skin heals where it scabbed
The skin illuminates when the sun kisses it
And the heart still beats
when the spirit is still present
I remember
I remember
I remember