Jan 10, 2012

I’m on the edge of…

My future glory? Or yours? It is a new year. It is another chance to get it right, that’s why we’re still alive, right? 
Let’s go. You and me. Lets get this going. My car keys is in my hand, you can close the door behind you. Lets go conquer the world! Period. Ok, maybe just our immediate environment for now. One fun exercise you can do to help you jump start your year: 

#1)Write out (more powerful vs typing ) a list –ready? – of all the things you are willing/open to let go this year – habits, items, people- that is not serving you this year year to the be highest, juicy, potential being evah! 
#2) After looking at this list, take a deep breath and rip up this list letting everything goooo. Symbolically it’s a way to release the charge or neg energy you might have around these topics. #3) When you’ve composed yourself, quickly write a funky, lively list of things you are opening to experiencing this year. Keep this list by your bedside, mirror or convenient place, so you can refer to, easily relax about and motivate yourself when you awake and before you sleep your lovely eyes. 
Switch it up or down, and let me know about your experiences. It’s a good way to jumpstart the year, after a major milestone –  or any time really. See yah. I wouldn't want to be yah - rather be me. Mwah!

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