Jan 1, 2012

New Year is Here and Now for evahhhh

Hey fam, to all my subscribers and followers Bonne Année! or Happy Birthday! I meant Happy New New Year. The celebration is high if feels like a birthday. No? If you came to my neck of the woods and celebrated with my family you would be met with the smells of butternut squash soup, silent short prayer, showering with champagne (mostly for the guys) for good luck, throwing rice for more good luck, a fruit bowl, for even more more good luck, and drink of wine, champagne or whatever rocks your boat. 

Fruit with seeds are for good luck
Times has changed, and so how we've celebrated but what hasn't is the gathering of close family whether near or far.  Everyone is always a phone call away no matter where you are. 

1 of 2 Pots of Soup Joumou not yet complete 
Go to any Haitian household and butternut squash soup, gathering of family will be at the core. Of course I can't forget the commencement of phone calls to relatives in and around the world to greet them well wishes for the new year.

Of course how can we forget watching Dick Clark New Year's Celebration, acts of goofiness, spurts of dancing, yells,energy and pretending we're DJs as we spin our favorite tunes to usher in the year. Peace n love.
Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark 

Any late night with homemade pasta is a good nite!

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