Feb 8, 2012

What happens in the face desperation - give up?

If you were met with a decision tomorrow that forced you to move not knowing what you would do, would you take the decision or give up while standing cold in fear and sweat?
What if this uncomfortable change  brought you out of your zone for 2 days or 22 months?
10. The world did not end
9. Yourself worth does not decrease of your economic/homeless/whatever-state you're in. You made of the same flesh of bones, breath the same of air of Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan (hehe I'm fan). Seriously though, you have what it takes to make it through - in this moment. Cause all you have is this moment.
8. Your problem isn't new. The ancient sun has it before for millions of years. Someone went through what you did - so there is be a solution, etched out in a book, video, poem, art or synchronized moment waiting for you inquire and discover it.
7.Main areas of focus should be: food, shelter, source of income, your own time. Your own time - time to yourself so crucial. A time for you to be quiet and think objectively without judgement. You already went through enough so why bring yourself down?
6. Make a Plan- very light. Come with a small and large goal.
5. Reflect on what brought your present state of desperation/homelessness/money woes
4.Admit the facts and reality. And know that tomorrow isn't dependent on yesterday ever. That's why tomorrow is a gift for you to try again, if you're able to see it.
3. Think of a good - feeling though now. Reach for a better feeling thought until you finds some relief
2. Take some action from your relieved/inspired self. The better feeling will last longer & be much more powerful than acting out of anger or hopeless desperation.
1. Repeat #3 &2

It is not your fault. Everything happens for you not to you, for your benefit. Don't give up the journey to your aspirations. Don't give up.

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