Sep 21, 2016


Still in need of that in
Just want to be in
Where it's warm and safe
Where there is nothing to be afraid of
Where I'm protected.
But that desire is often short lived cause I can't hold it in my hand
It disappears as fast as it appears in my mind
And I'm left alone gasping for breath leaning against the corner as I regain my self
I regain it so slow not too quickly... as the thought so often lingers. Plays around like a kitten with its yarn.

Where is this milk and honey land?
I don't see this overflow
This perpetual loving flow.
Who provides?
Who creates?

Must I go to the seat of the One to open up the doors and windows?
Has the One withheld it's love from its people?
Have I missed the current of love
That flows everlasting ?
How do I access it?
I do I keep it on?
And now.
What about now?

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