Sep 21, 2016

Just Enough

Do you love Him enough
to do His work even
when your job is painful
agonizing and bitter?
When the clock hand plays with your
joy strings.

Do you love Him enough that
you would do the work
even when you're intoxicated by the
fleeting allocades, heart felt praises and
the spellbound focus of surrounding hearts?
Oh the results of what you've birthed,
projected by the world!

Would you love Him still
when you're in that 'Dream-Team flow'?
A zone so pure, any infidelity is flung out.
When the only time you breath deep, is right before
you sleep.
And like a plane propeller that doesn't
know between hot and cold air except that it moves -
do you move for Him?

Is He making your burden light and yoke easy??

Why do you suffer?
Why are you in bliss?

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