Dec 22, 2011

Free like a river...

Today I felt so free. Freedom. Its vacation time for me. Yes!! Like a glass of juice. Like a cool wind to soothe the blister heat from that radiator...

What is really being free ?

Free to grow,
Free to think, 
Free to believe?. Or maybe its free to fall,
Free to eat, no its gotta be 
Free to move. Right?
Free to really live. Simply put.
Free from bills – ok – one day.
Free from debt- again one day.
Free to give - definitely.
Free to share - I can be creative. 
Free to be all I/we were meant to be without hesitation.
Freedom. Emancipation. Free to smile. Free to laugh. Free to go out. Freedom to create. We are co-creators right? Free to love. Free to inspire. Free to talk. Free to contribute. Free to have a voice of our own. Free to unfold and start over again and again. 

What are your freedoms? Don’t forget them. Some people may have less or more than you do.  You are freer than you think. Don’t ever forget it. I’m always working to be more freer today than I was yesterday, and I hope you are too. Do you have what it takes- is it possible you need some motivation?...
 Updated vid removed

comedian Iman Cross shared this timely youtube clip above this morning. As I plan the rest of this week with personal projects, music, and sleep, enjoy. If even for a moment feel free.

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