Dec 9, 2011

Breakdowns and Breakthroughs 3 of 3

Problem number 3 was around practicing piano and voice. Now this example can be taken for any hobby or passion of love that you may have. I’ve come to sort of plateau possiblily where my desire to practice isn’t as strong. The main reasons I've come to decipher is that I don’t feel ‘safe’ in my environment. Meaning more or less I don’t have privacy or space to practice the way I would love. So this puts a major toll. I've have looked at other solutions but nothing yet sustaining. Other facet to this conflict is that I’m not a relaxed state before I practice. Why would it matter? If I’m not relax enough to practice and stay with in this  zone for hours at a time, why would I want to stay. If I was consistent in approaching my music in a relaxed matter it would be a great habit for me to  continue. And even if I was stressed it would be  great place to go and let go of stress. But the thing is you have to have different state of mind. You have to prep your self. Even if it’s a minute or two. This is an up & down issue. Many factors right now affect my current practice or creation mode. So right now I don’t have a set routine.

Another dimension to this music practice ordeal is that I made it too significant. I had to question it again to break down. What are my true intentions ? What would happen if I didn’t accomplish my goals? Would I die? Would I give up? Who was I doing this for? Did it really matter? As of now I have finally let go and hold on lightly to an extra-terrestial idea of what I would love to accomplish and decided to focus on playing and singing for God. No stress, no worries. Living-this-moment kind of thing.
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So where does that leave me..ha! In a better place. I gave you maybe a few inches of what circulated my brain this past weekend. Thank God we don't have a sensory feature on the computer and cell phones that allow you to feel the emotion I went through and what I feeling now. It would probably blow your mind. Hehe. But most importantly, I'm in a better place. I feel much lighter. 

Who knows what discoveries or peoples I'll come across. Hope it gave you something to roll on a bit. Until next time. 

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