Dec 10, 2011

Golf is so boring...or is it?

Well I’m not into golf. I don’t think I’ll ever play cause it looks so boring. And I’m actually nervous I might actually like it after everyone around me has been talking about it. Ahhh the agony! Lol. A few days ago I struck a convo with someone who worked at a golf magazine or maybe owned it. I don’t recall. Work was long, and I was catching the train. We talked, later began to hope all the people in print industry, have at least their foot in digital side, cause their seem to be some savings if I’m not mistaken. Anywho, so as I’m admiring the pages of his glossy luxury golf magazine, I find myself saying I’ll never play golf. That kind of game is not for me. It seems so not-me. I never tried it but…naaaa.

But later it struck me afterwards, I remembered someone saying we should never deny anything that comes our way though it may seems be in our way of our goals. You know, like people who say they will have kids at a certain age or won’t be committed too deeply in a relationship until they accomplish certain milestones in other areas of their life  or push going to the gym to the back burner cause there are more important things. Somethings seem so unrelated to your current life, so why even mess with it? Like - golf! But, you know how everything seem so darn connected. Falling back in one area of your life, somehow flows into the other areas. Since every darn thing is love or energy however you look at it, [you heard the phrase: “everything is everything”?] who’s to say that the guy you’ve been denying some lovin’ is the answer to other circumstances, situations you can’t even see? Who’s to say missing that Zumba class would actually allow you to sleep better, eat better and meet that babysister for your kids? I could not shake this feeling that maybe I shouldn't be so exclusive and rigid with on what I play or do. The crazy thing is, I was watching a YouTube of famous musician speaking about bring her A game on the golf course. Really? Really?! Is golf that serious? My, my. What in the world is wrong with you all? ;)
Have you told yourself you’ll never end up doing, ended up trying and oh goodness- loving it?

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